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Hey folks,

We ordered some new swag for the gym- and it’s on its way right now. We wanted to thank everyone who stuck with us during COVID19; we know that everyone felt tight with cash, and your support meant and means a lot to us.

So, we have a little gift coming your way!

We also wanted to pass along the small business support by using local screen printer Tiny Planet Ink ( thanks Dan ) , located in Globeville, to make these awesome Hat and t-shirts for our members. ( If you need shirts hit them up, and tell them Mountain Strong sent you )

As for stickers, we went out of state, but to a equally badass company Sticker Mule – they are cool folks who make rad, affordable stickers ( we ordered some of the holographic​ kind- because we’re fancy)

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July News letter

From your mountain strong coaching squad

Upcoming Events

Sunrise Murph! August 8th 6am and 9am   

Join us to make up for our Memorial Day Murph work out! As always, this is a work out that you can scale as needed! Please sign in on MindBody (we will have to cap the class). Ask any coach if you have questions 

 6am flatiron group scramble on July 26th – Alpine start session, we will pick an objective the group is psyched on ( either the 1st or the second or perhaps both ! )  if you’re comfortable soloing flatirons come join us for a group early morning mission. Hit up coach matt if you have any questions

Ladies Work out! July 25th at 11am ….Girls only work out with Coach Anne! All skill levels welcome! Bring some beer, champagne, or your protein shake for a drink after! Hit up Coach Anne if you have any questions, you can email her at



Just a reminder that you MUST sign in on MindBody before every class!
we would rather you sign up and bail than not sign up. Make it a habit to plan your training week on Sundays- it helps us and your training consistency. 

Open Gym: 

-Please remember that scheduled classes always take priority to open gym. You are welcome to do your own work out during scheduled class times, but please check Mindbody first. If the classes are full, DO NOT come in. Our coaches will have to turn you away if there is not enough space or there are too many people in the gym. 

-If you are working out during class time, please be considerate! Keep talking to a minimum, do not use equipment that the class needs, and even consider taking your workout outside. 

-If you can’t make it to classes due to your schedule and don’t have and want a door code…. reach out to to get setup 

Weekly programming notes: 

Coach Joe will be uploading a video each week to Instagram ( and starting next week- Facebook ) that will recap the week of training so you can plan your workouts better.  Here is link to the gyms Insta 

Community Saturdays:

Saturday class is free to all- so bring in your friends and crush them in a workout. 

If you have a friend or co-worker who has been wanting to come in and check out Mountain Strong, this is a great class to bring them to. It will be lower skill level, but a great work out!

Friend Policy:

As always, any friend who comes to any class with you will get to work out for free! We can always scale to movements and workout to make it appropriate to them. Its fun for you, great for them, and great for us!

Mountain strong Training book:

Get your copy now! 
here is link : click here

COVID Update:

We know that this has been a strange and difficult time for many of you, and we appreciate you sticking by us! We are doing our best to keep our doors open and create a safe and fun environment for everyone. Here are a few reminders!

  • Don’t come in if you are feeling sick or have been in contact with anyone who is sick. Duh. 
  • Wash your hands often!
  • Clean your equipment after every use or be publicly shamed.
  • Avoid bro – chest bumps. 
  • Feel comfortable asking people around you to take your level of safety / security into account. We are a community and should feel willing to accommodate each other. AKA if you need space just ask for it ! No hard feelings. 

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coach matt out climbing

Here is little 5.12 free solo I managed to climb in Clear creek canyon just a few miles from our gym own Denver. It’s rad to put all this training to work by climbing something that gets me super psyched ! If you have any climbing related training questions feel free to drop them in the comments and I’ll do my best to give you a thoughtful answer !

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Mountain Strength the book

 Hello, world! For over a year now, we have been hard at work writing “Mountain Strength: Strength and Conditioning for Mountain Athletes.”

  Creating this book has been a dream for us, aggregating our decades of experience into one comprehensive resource. As we designed and built the training programs listed in this book, we were coaching as well, allowing us the unique ability to test every concept and workout in the 300 plus pages of this book. The process was slow and tedious, writing, re-writing, and then re-re-writing some more, then testing and re-testing our training programs & techniques to ensure there efficacy.  Writing and creating a book like this has been a real labor of love. We have spent countless hours aggregating everything a mountain athlete needs to know in one place. This book is more than just a list of workouts; it includes tips and tricks to help along the way, advice on things to avoid, learned from or own failures, and explanations of broad concepts and philosophies we adhere too in the gym.  

a photo of some of our athletes who helped test our programs and workouts at our Denver, CO facility.

  After more than a year of nonstop work, we are close to completing our vision. It’s now time to print this bad boy and get it into the hands of the people we care about- the tribe of mountain savages that we know and love. This Kickstarter campaign’s purpose is to help raise money to allow us to publish this book in the quality and style it deserves. Your pre-order will help us with the upfront cost of ordering books in bulk, which will enable us to print the highest quality book possible. We’re doing this all on our own, without a fancy publishing company, or a big dollar budget- we are coaches after all! 

click here to buy your copy

Mountain Strength is a training manual written for mountain athletes. The strength and conditioning programs outlined in this book have been painstakingly tested and designed to build better skiers, runners, and climbers, no matter your specific discipline or fitness level. We have spent years testing every workout in this book to create a comprehensive training manual just for athletes like you. Learn about our methodologies and how to take your training to a new level.  

Included in Mountain Strength vol.1 :  

  • Over 500 unique workouts, warmups, exercises, and recovery
  • Specific training programs for route climbing, bouldering, skiing, and mountaineering
  • Scaleable in difficulty for beginners and elite athletes alike  
  • Tips and advice included along the way to take your training to the next level  
  • Full-color with vivid images and a quality binding  
  • Lessons on topics like caffeine in sports, the benefits of intensity in practice, the neuroendocrine response, speed and cadence for climbers, developing mental toughness, shoulder rehab, and prehab.  
  • Includes power and endurance centric broad non sport-specific training programs for those who want to do it all.  
  • Train a la cart by selecting one of our accessory programs such as deadlifting, squatting, rowing or Olympic lifting. 
Our book will come with a digital copy to make it easier to use in the gym.

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My favorite workouts: Coach Jamie

I have two go-to climbing workouts: 

One that tests overall endurance, and one that works on power endurance. 

#1: Overall Endurance

Matt Lloyd and I created the first one together. 

You will do three movements:

  1. Box Step Ups
  2. Ski/Bike/Row for Calories (choose one)
  3. Climbing Moves

The rep scheme is 50-40-30-20-10

To break it down, you do 50 box step ups, then ski, bike or row 50 calories, then make your way over to the climbing wall and accumulate 50 climbing moves. 

Next, you do 40 box step ups, 40 calories and 40 climbing moves. 

Then 30, 20 and finally down to 10 of each. 

If you’re feeling really rowdy, do it with a weight vest!

#2: Power Endurance

This is a climbing “interval” workout. It’s easiest to do this with a partner, but not necessary:

1 Minute on the climbing wall (without coming down) / 1 Minute of rest (off the wall)

2 Minutes on the climbing wall / 2 Minutes of Rest

3 Minutes on / 3 Minutes off

2 Minutes on / 2 Minutes off

1 Minute on / 1 Minute off

What’s nice is this workout is very easily scaled easier or harder. 

You can change the amount of time on the wall (start with 20, 15 or even 10 seconds and build up from there), add a weight vest, or swap time for number of hand moves (i.e. 50 hand moves, 1 minute rest, 75 hand moves, 1:30 second rest). You get the idea – be creative and get after it!

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Try these climbing workouts

Try these complete training workouts taken directly from our 6 week intensive climbing training camp

Day 1 – Strength Training

Warm Up: Overhead foam roll on wall: 30-45 seconds, Subscap trigger point: 30-45 seconds (add arm slides and body rocks), Bear Rolls: 2-3 sets x 10/side, Climb 8 rounds of 25 moves or 4 rounds of hangboarding :06 on/ :04 off for :60 sec  

Strength Component: -4 rounds of: 12 (6x per arm) Single Arm Tempo Row (slow down-fast up, use a dumbbell or kettlebell) + 12 Bulgarian Split Squats with weight (stay light here!) -4 rounds of: 10 Deadlifts w/ a 30 sec hold, using your bodyweight + 8 Weighted Sit-ups (weight plate behind head)  

Recovery- Rehab: Double ball trigger point: 6-8 at each spot along spine, Prone arm lifts: 2-3 times through, ER with step away: 2-3 sets x 10-12/side, ER with forward press: 2-3 sets x 10-12/side, Side-lying KB rotation: 2-3 sets x 12-15 rotations/side 

  Day 2 – Climbing Skill and Technique 

Warm Up: 10 min of climbing easy moves, 10 pass throughs, 10 strict press, 5-10 scap pullups, 5-10 scap pushups, 10 wall squats 5 pass throughs, 5 strict press + 5 push press, 5-10 pullups, 5-10 pushups, 5 single arm circles each direction each arm, 10 air squats, 10 lunges (5 each leg) Stretch out your forearms and get them ready to work.  

Skill: 20 min practicing quiet feet and deliberate foot work. Climb an easy boulder or route as quickly as you can without making any noise. Each time you make noise, restart.  

Discuss and teach: red-point climbing tactics & how to send a project.  

Climbing: Create a hard project climb in which each move is doable but you are unable to link. Make the boulder 5-7 moves long. Once you have the moves memorized, give the boulder one effort every 3 min for 15 min – focusing on maximum try hard and climbing until you “fall” aka – don’t let go!  

Hangboard: First: Find maximum hang time on 1 pad edge (aiming for about :30-:60 sec). Then: Complete 10 hangs at 50% of your predetermined max hang time while wearing a weight vest, adding weight each round. Example: Max hang time 34 seconds, each round would be 17 sec adding 10# of weight each round starting from zero.

Recovery: stretch + 5 min ice tub forearms

For more training tomfoolery, check out our online training site here

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New to Mountain Strong? Here’s What to Know

So you’re considering an exciting journey – becoming mountain strongER – congratulations! Starting a new gym always poses a few questions, and we hope this post helps you feel more comfortable in your early weeks.  


Let’s be honest. It’s about the people too. First: The coaches are a mix of athletes with diverse passions/skill sets and sense of adventure. (We’ve got martial arts, van living, world exploring, archery, etc. on our resumes.)

We have endless love and excitement when it comes to coaching and watching people earn small and big wins every day.

We challenge you to do your best, and the members come ready to deliver every single day. We don’t push you overboard. We have colorful programming, and we work with everybody to make the day successful. Members are genuinely curious how you are and will ask you about your life because we are real people who thrive on the strength of our close-knit community. We are supportive of each other, whether’s its sharing some of our hard earned advice or cheering somebody through a timed workout.

We love kickin’ back with the occasional beer (this is Denver, after all) so expect some social gatherings!



Despite being labeled a CrossFit gym, we focus our energy on helping people who live the Colorado lifestyle – mountain athletes, skiers, runners and climbers- take their performance to the next level through injury prevention, conditioning, mobility, and strength training. CrossFit is just one tool we utilize. We integrate grip work, Olympic lifting, running, bouldering, campusing, gymnastics, animal flow, and kettlebells to make you a well-rounded, long-lasting badass human. 


No question is too silly. We’ve all been where you have been once. We also keep a sharp eye on how well each individual is integrating with the program – we don’t view you just as a class – we monitor each body’s progress!

This is Coach Anne talking: I still vividly remember the day I signed up for a gym. The first few months, I would gather all my equipment for the assigned workout I selected out of a magazine and bring them into the studio. The studio was a place with dim lights and very few other members, if any!

With that said…here are some questions:

  • What do I do about this specific imbalance or injury?
  • I’m not familiar with this movement – can you go through it with me?
  • Do you have alternatives I might be more comfortable with during the assigned workout?



We will work with you to modify the workout every time. We don’t believe in pushing through the pain we do love working around it! We want you to come back smarter and stronger. Injuries are a common part of an athlete’s life and we won’t allow it to detour us!



We suggest coming 10-15 minutes early. This will give you adequate time to change clothes, make small talk, and warm up before the coaches’ warm up. All coaches offer a unique style of warm -up and activation drills to prep you for the workout, but it helps to get warm for about five minutes before class officially begins!

We recommend:

  • Climbing 
  • Rowing
  • Ski ERG
  • Foam rolling (if you are familiar with how to foam roll – otherwise ask us!)
  • Air Bike

Checking in? 

If you haven’t already, download the Mind-body app on your phone. This app allows you to check in to class, see whos coaching and helps us stay prepared and organized for every class. If you sign up for a class and can’t make it in- don’t worry – its no big deal!

What to wear? 

Wear clothes you feel good in and are capable of moving in all planes! Coach Anne here: I’m a strong believer in wearing attire you feel confident in, especially in new surroundings. Second, as mentioned, we deploy barbells, climbing work, kettlebells (and lots of chalk for our sweaty hands!): You want durable attire that won’t snag or tear. 


Can I come in to climb or lift without following the gym’s programming or coaching?

The short answer is YES. We understand lots of athletes have their systems in place and want to do their own thing when it comes to training- using our top-notch equipment and facility. We offer a 24hour membership for athletes who have a solid understanding of training methodology and best practices. You get a code to the door and are allowed to come train anytime the gym is open or closed- to your heart’s content. Email us if your interested ( ) 


High-five on considering becoming mountain strong. We mean that literally and will do our best to make it happen for you. We are psyched to have you become part of our growing community! 

Check out our other blog posts to learn more about the gym and our training methodologies!

More questions/concerns? Just take the leap and come drop in for a class ( your first one is always free- no pressure ! )  or Talk to a coach!


Written by Coach Anne R.  check her out on instagram @liftlivelead and the gym at @mountainstrongdenver



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