July News letter

From your mountain strong coaching squad

Upcoming Events

Sunrise Murph! August 8th 6am and 9am   

Join us to make up for our Memorial Day Murph work out! As always, this is a work out that you can scale as needed! Please sign in on MindBody (we will have to cap the class). Ask any coach if you have questions 

 6am flatiron group scramble on July 26th – Alpine start session, we will pick an objective the group is psyched on ( either the 1st or the second or perhaps both ! )  if you’re comfortable soloing flatirons come join us for a group early morning mission. Hit up coach matt if you have any questions  matt@mountainstrongdenver.com

Ladies Work out! July 25th at 11am ….Girls only work out with Coach Anne! All skill levels welcome! Bring some beer, champagne, or your protein shake for a drink after! Hit up Coach Anne if you have any questions, you can email her at  adelb001@gmail.com



Just a reminder that you MUST sign in on MindBody before every class!
we would rather you sign up and bail than not sign up. Make it a habit to plan your training week on Sundays- it helps us and your training consistency. 

Open Gym: 

-Please remember that scheduled classes always take priority to open gym. You are welcome to do your own work out during scheduled class times, but please check Mindbody first. If the classes are full, DO NOT come in. Our coaches will have to turn you away if there is not enough space or there are too many people in the gym. 

-If you are working out during class time, please be considerate! Keep talking to a minimum, do not use equipment that the class needs, and even consider taking your workout outside. 

-If you can’t make it to classes due to your schedule and don’t have and want a door code…. reach out to will@mountainstrongdenver.com to get setup 

Weekly programming notes: 

Coach Joe will be uploading a video each week to Instagram ( and starting next week- Facebook ) that will recap the week of training so you can plan your workouts better.  Here is link to the gyms Insta 

Community Saturdays:

Saturday class is free to all- so bring in your friends and crush them in a workout. 

If you have a friend or co-worker who has been wanting to come in and check out Mountain Strong, this is a great class to bring them to. It will be lower skill level, but a great work out!

Friend Policy:

As always, any friend who comes to any class with you will get to work out for free! We can always scale to movements and workout to make it appropriate to them. Its fun for you, great for them, and great for us!

Mountain strong Training book:

Get your copy now! 
here is link : click here

COVID Update:

We know that this has been a strange and difficult time for many of you, and we appreciate you sticking by us! We are doing our best to keep our doors open and create a safe and fun environment for everyone. Here are a few reminders!

  • Don’t come in if you are feeling sick or have been in contact with anyone who is sick. Duh. 
  • Wash your hands often!
  • Clean your equipment after every use or be publicly shamed.
  • Avoid bro – chest bumps. 
  • Feel comfortable asking people around you to take your level of safety / security into account. We are a community and should feel willing to accommodate each other. AKA if you need space just ask for it ! No hard feelings. 

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