Interview: Mountain runner and climber Kyle Richardson

Kyle Richardson is a mountain athlete who lives in Boulder, Colorado. His focus is a hybrid blend of endurance-speed climbing and running, known as FKT or fastest known time. Here is a link to the website that tracks FKT. Participants attempt to climb mountains or features of a mountain as quickly as possible, measuring the time it takes from car to the summit and back to the car ( known as car 2 car). His style is fast and light, covering many thousands of feet of elevation and miles of trail in short time periods, often scrambling and speed climbing free solo to save time.

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What kind of athlete do you see yourself as?

I see myself as a Mountain Athlete. I let the terrain dictate the mode of transportation I choose to use in the mountains. ( i.e running, hiking, scrambling, climbing, biking) Being out in the landscape, pushing my body and being close to my limit. I always find that this provides a very raw and rewarding experience.

What kind of challenges inspires you these days?

Big linkups and enchainments of peaks gets me excited these days. Finding a logical and inspiring line is what gets me psyched. (Ex: the LA Freeway) The blend of running and climbing opens up the door for creativity in the mountains

How long have you been climbing?

6 years

How many days a week, on average, do you climb/ run outside?

I pretty much do some sort of activity 7 days a week

Annually do you ever take substantial periods of time off from climbing?

I take time off from climbing when I’m more focused on running based objectives. I try and climb inside Winter through Spring to get strong and then spend my time climbing outside in the Summer and Fall.

Do you train with weights on top of your outdoor climbing?


Do you train in a climbing gym on top of your outdoor climbing?

Normally I do not


How many days a week do you train on average?

I don’t see anything I do outside as training. I get outside because I love to be out in the landscape. I feel like this mindset is sustainable and I’m not attached to some sort of training regiment.

What kind of cardio training do you do, if any ?

When I’m resting from running, I will bike or climb. On days where I do nothing, I spend my time reading and playing music.

How does your eating and nutrition change as you approach a difficult linkup or project?

My eating and nutrition doesn’t ever really change. I just try to always eat a healthy and balanced diet. I have done this for lone enough that I know what is sustainable and what is not.

What do your rest days look like?

Active Recovery

How seriously do you take sleep, how many hours do you get on average?

6-8 hrs of sleep. It also depends on how focused I am on a project

Describe the week directly before a project? Do you rest more, eat differently, change any of your habits?

I definitely rest more leading up to a big race or objective. I keep my body moving but my volume decreases.

Describe the night before, and the morning of, a project redpoint day or a competition?

I try to keep everything normal before a big day. There is no need to change something the night of an event.

Any rules to live by?

Be true to yourself



Daisy Chains…. haha. I don’t know, I try not to think about this kind of stuff too much. I get annoyed by climbers that aren’t cautious on loose terrain. Too many close calls with rockfall.

What sets climbing apart from other sport?

The mental control and risk management

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