Rock Climbing Training

Our rock climbing training classes are designed to produce supremely skilled climbers and mountain athletes, both physically and mentally. These classes are great for both climbers and people who are looking for something a little different than CrossFit. There are typically two to three days a week of conditioning based around climbing/skiing/mountaineering fitness, and two to three days a week of climbing related movement where we take the strength and power we develop on conditioning days, and apply it to the climbing wall. We lift weights, run, row, ski, bike, jump, boulder, campus, hangboard, swing kettlebells, and climb ropes; nothing is off the table. We prepare you for life’s adventures.


Drop-ins are welcome, we just ask you contact us ( ahead of time if you have no prior climbing experience.

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Mountain Strong Denver Grand Opening Angie Payne Problem 5
Mountain Strong Denver Grand Opening Augy Cohn Propblem 4
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