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Our membership classes and sport specific training camps (climbing, ski/snowboarding, cycling, olympic weightlifting) are designed to produce supremely skilled and conditioned athletes, both physically and mentally. We use all the modalities at our disposal to build strength and resist injury while focusing heavily on the strategies and philosophy of excelling in whatever you choose to spend your time doing. Our program works for both the elite and beginner athlete because of the scalability and the individual attention each athlete receives. Everything is fair game and every day is different. Our program is truly unique, unlike any other in the world. It’s designed to be fun, engaging, and provide explosive results.

In our climbing training camp (one of our main staples at Mountain Strong), we take the strength and power developed on conditioning days and apply it to the vertical world on our pure climbing technique days. We lift weights, run, row, ski, bike, jump, boulder, campus, hang-board, swing kettlebells, and climb ropes; nothing is off the table. Some people join us to learn how to train, some to expand their training knowledge; with years of practice under our belts, we believe wholeheartedly that our approach to climbing training is among the best in the world. The proof is in the pudding – After two years of tracking athlete performance during our programs, two workouts/week, we see an average of a 21% improvement in max deadhang length on a 14mm edge – a proven marker of climbing performance.

(email us at for more info or to sign up for a free one on one)

Drop-ins are welcome; show up 15 min before the class, bring your climbing shoes, a water bottle, and a good attitude.

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