Try these climbing workouts

Try these complete training workouts taken directly from our 6 week intensive climbing training camp

Day 1 – Strength Training

Warm Up: Overhead foam roll on wall: 30-45 seconds, Subscap trigger point: 30-45 seconds (add arm slides and body rocks), Bear Rolls: 2-3 sets x 10/side, Climb 8 rounds of 25 moves or 4 rounds of hangboarding :06 on/ :04 off for :60 sec  

Strength Component: -4 rounds of: 12 (6x per arm) Single Arm Tempo Row (slow down-fast up, use a dumbbell or kettlebell) + 12 Bulgarian Split Squats with weight (stay light here!) -4 rounds of: 10 Deadlifts w/ a 30 sec hold, using your bodyweight + 8 Weighted Sit-ups (weight plate behind head)  

Recovery- Rehab: Double ball trigger point: 6-8 at each spot along spine, Prone arm lifts: 2-3 times through, ER with step away: 2-3 sets x 10-12/side, ER with forward press: 2-3 sets x 10-12/side, Side-lying KB rotation: 2-3 sets x 12-15 rotations/side 

  Day 2 – Climbing Skill and Technique 

Warm Up: 10 min of climbing easy moves, 10 pass throughs, 10 strict press, 5-10 scap pullups, 5-10 scap pushups, 10 wall squats 5 pass throughs, 5 strict press + 5 push press, 5-10 pullups, 5-10 pushups, 5 single arm circles each direction each arm, 10 air squats, 10 lunges (5 each leg) Stretch out your forearms and get them ready to work.  

Skill: 20 min practicing quiet feet and deliberate foot work. Climb an easy boulder or route as quickly as you can without making any noise. Each time you make noise, restart.  

Discuss and teach: red-point climbing tactics & how to send a project.  

Climbing: Create a hard project climb in which each move is doable but you are unable to link. Make the boulder 5-7 moves long. Once you have the moves memorized, give the boulder one effort every 3 min for 15 min – focusing on maximum try hard and climbing until you “fall” aka – don’t let go!  

Hangboard: First: Find maximum hang time on 1 pad edge (aiming for about :30-:60 sec). Then: Complete 10 hangs at 50% of your predetermined max hang time while wearing a weight vest, adding weight each round. Example: Max hang time 34 seconds, each round would be 17 sec adding 10# of weight each round starting from zero.

Recovery: stretch + 5 min ice tub forearms

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