Rock Climbing & High Intensity Training FAQ

Q: What do you offer at Mountain Strong?

A: We offer strength & conditioning group training classes (think super fun workouts that get you feeling and looking great), personal training, individually focused skill sessions, 1-on-1 climbing training & instruction, climbing training camps, ski/snowboard training camps, cycling training camps, and olympic weightlifting training camps.

Q: Do I have to be in shape to train with you?

A: No, the best time to start is now!  We’ve never seen anyone say they want to get in better shape to start, then come back in great shape ready to begin.  Trying to get in shape on your own before starting is just delaying your fitness journey.  We are here because we are good at what we do…you wouldn’t wait to get healthy to go to your doctor, you go when you’re sick…

Q: What should I expect from a typical group class?

A: We begin each session with an explanation of the workout.  We then dive into a warmup, some sort of either strength or skill development, followed by a workout.  Our workouts often have splits in them when you can choose from a more general fitness program or a more climbing focused program.

Q: What kind of climbers train at Mountain Strong?

A: We have a full range of climbers…from people who don’t own their own climbing shoes, to people who make a living climbing.  One of the coolest parts of our training is that it is adaptable for everyone’s individual level.  Some people will be climbing harder things, using harder holds, or more weight than others, but we try to put everyone in a position to succeed and see great results from their hard work.

Q: What’s the deal with your training camps?

A: We run training camps throughout the year that are more focused on specific sports or goals.  They are generally twice a week at specific times and cost $199 for each 6 week block.  They are run separately from our regular memberships but members can take the training camps for free as a perk to their membership.

Q: When is the gym open?

A: For a small upgraded membership we offer 24 hour memberships where you’ll have your own code to the door and access whenever you want.

Q: Do I have to take classes or can I come and do my own thing?

A: We definitely would like you to take advantage of our classes but we’re not going to make you.  You’re welcome to come in anytime and work around what the class is doing.

Q: What are the most important things to know when coming in to Mountain Strong?

A: Come in with an open mind, ready to learn something new, and ready to try hard.  We have built our gym and training programs around normal people doing extraordinary things.  Don’t walk in with any preconceptions other than learning something new and trying hard.  We want you to take your successes with us in the gym and let them carry over into your life outside the gym.  It’s no secret that we work hard.  What’s not as well known is how much our members excel outside the gym in their lives and careers.  We are training for life, not just for fitness.  Take the mental skills you learn with us and chase down that promotion you’ve been wanting, open your own company, and/or be more confident in your life!

Q: Why is your training program the best?

A: The best training program is the one you stick to.  Consistency is often overlooked but is the key to fitness and excelling in life.  Anyone who says they have training figured out and their way is the best is quite honestly full of it.  We are always learning and adapting to be better.  What we can promise you is that we care about every single person who walks in the door.
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